Trail of the Kiamichi Beast
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A TRUE story wraped around a beast that for over 200 years has roamed Oklahoma and Arkansas. The locals want this legend buried. to be kept a secret. Trail of the Kiamich beast brings even more evidence to light following the stunning exposure in the movies ‘ The Kiamichi beast expedition and the Kiamichi beast expedtion 2, which exposed stunning proof of Bigfoot in Oklahoma.

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The Movie is a sincere effort to find the beast. And it was professionally made and you can tell effort was put into it. Some of the scenes are very beautiful along with the cinematography and the whole layout. I’m definitely not a believer but it spurred my interest that anything in the natural world is possible and we don’t know about everything. I have viewed some of this guys other videos and he seems pretty knowledgeable and like a very interesting man. We can learn a lot from these people, I’m glad they are still around. Great video keep up the good work.
Real Photo shot during expedition ;Kiamichi Beast Expedition 2 hightlighted to see

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Conroe texas 936-445-0095

The kiamichi beast

For over 200 years the Kiamichi beast has .romed Arkansas, the Indians say he would raid the cammmp and steal the children. Now adays the locals are afraid to enter the woods at night. The howl coming from the woods are enough to make even a big man shake.