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A TRUE story wraped around a beast that for over 200 years has roamed Oklahoma and Arkansas. The locals want this legend buried. to be kept a secret. Trail of the Kiamich beast brings even more evidence to light following the stunning exposure in the movies ‘ The Kiamichi beast expedition and the Kiamichi beast expedtion 2, which exposed stunning proof of Bigfoot in Oklahoma.

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Bigfoot Movie production Sponsors needed. Im Master Hughes I produce movies I go on adventures. My next adventure will be to hunt for the Kiamichi beast, a Bigfoot in Oklahoma Arkansas area. Sponsors are requested for vehicles, camping gear, camara equipment clothes ect. Thousands of people watch my movies. My Audience are nature lovers, campers, bigfoot hunters and more, they all use camping gear and equipment. I am requesting sponsors to Provide quality equipment that I will use in my Movie. Or provied cash for expenses, you can contact me on my facebook page Master Hughes. Being able to say that your camping gear or vehicles was used in one of my movies can get you extra attention. And that never hurts, post it on your youtube site or facebook site ,post it at your business. Thousands of campers and nature lovers and Bigfoot hunters watch my movies.
Photo Unknown animal in brush taken by scope.

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Conroe texas 936-445-0095

The kiamichi beast

For over 200 years the Kiamichi beast has .romed Arkansas, the Indians say he would raid the cammmp and steal the children. Now adays the locals are afraid to enter the woods at night. The howl coming from the woods are enough to make even a big man shake.