Picking a Camera for travel videos

I also travelled with a tripod Always shoot as much as possible with a tripod. I prefer a camcorder like in my video and a dslr. If you have both of these you can shoot some awesome video. You don't need a lot of expensive gear. fro a lot of great tips see my video about building your own.

Preference for cameras


2. Small camcorder

3. Large camera

Mics- Shot gun mic


Wearable Cameras

There are some cameras that are great for sports or adventure videos that are only about 400.00 dollars. They are amazing at capturing your surfing ability, that mountain bike ride or that time you find a cave. Small, waterproof, near indestructible and come with enough attachments to well attach them everywhere you can think of.

Check out my video on how to build your own Mobile video studio.