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Internet and local marketing tips below. CIf you want to learn about our internet marketing class or our video marketing class. Just click these links.

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We also have video marketing tools that we use to make website and do video editing. This includes Internet marketing with video, Internet marketing specialists. What the best internet marketing, content marketing Social media marketing and Digital marketing.

OR buy our video on internet marketing, video production or film tips to help create your own great marketing material.


 First determine do you need to advertise for a local business or a virtual store


Use video to promote your website or local business. our video index gives information on making your own video commercials and how to do it. we also have info for internet marketers wanting to make videos to sell or training videos. The main thing is don't leave video out of your marketing plans you need it now to promote your business.


Local SEO Or National

If you're local, you need to be found by locally geographic areas where your customers are. Internet marketing for local business can be quiet different than for the whole web. That means proper local seo for your website.

"Brick-and-mortar businesses meaning your business which is located on a street.

National Seo takes a lot more links to your keywords that local seo does.


Your management presence

A local business man should put a lot of effort  into  customer satisfaction. That means your local customers need to see your photo on every business page , and making sure customers can easily find the formation links e-mail or other to contact you with. Don't hide your contact information make sure it can easily be found. this make people feel your credible.

Good service leads to good reviews, and more work.


Use Location -Targeted Ads

Today you can geo-target your customers through google and thanks to the iphone.

Mobile ad campaigns can target customers with ads within a specific (e.g. 10-mile) radius around your store locations.  Google ads can also target local customers. Its cheaper to specify targeted adds and not waste money on clicks in another city or state. But watch carfully the budget and ad prices.