How to produce and sell videos

How to "produce sell and market videos" Learn how to produce video to sell, for business, or as a hobby © 2012


Indie film Makers

Content creators

Online video makers

Ecommerce business owners

Learn how to make a movie , how to earn extra income, with video. Producing and selling videos can be done by anyone with a good idea.

Even home videos can make money. Youtube is proof of that! Want to know how to make a movie or a youtube video.

This is a comprehensive training video that gives you a lot of info on how to produce great videos and sell them, How to make a movie, prepare your video marketing page, internet keyword's How to promote your video.

You can start your own video production business or create a video niche site. You can sell your videos or clips online.

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You can make website videos, commercials, training videos, music videos, produce hunting videos Instructional videos and Niche videos photography videos .

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What's in  the video.

" How to Produce market and sell videos 

What you need to know to setup shoot and start marketing.


Building Your Home Video studio to film in. 

Choosing a camera for your video films.

 Pick a camera what do you need?

The best computer chip for your computer.

 We tell you what editing software we use.

What makes a technical film? 

Learn how to set up a simple lighting system and save a thousand dollars.

Renaming video clips to make editing simpler.

Common  video editing problems that can ruin your production.  Digital video production.

How to protect gear when traveling.

 Basics of Marketing videos

Picking the subject.

How to storyboard your video production with one common software. (we tell you what it is.)

How to put title and meta tags into your you tube video to help bring you traffick.

Methods and places to promote your video.

How to double the price of a video.

Video marketing plans

Video marketing techniques

Get a video review free

Video shoot basics.

The Film crew do you need it.

Field equipment that you will need  from mics to  camera and lenses.

Avoid common  video shoot problems

Overview of insurance you may need.


How to layout the website sales page for your video.

Marketing your video.

What to put on your sales page.

How to turn your free info into a Pdf.

Where to find keywords to sell the video.

 Marketing avenues,

  Using youtube

marketing strategy, online marketing tactics, business commercials, videos online

Strategic internet marketing

Learn more about niche video ,video production,  and video production editing.

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