Emergency equipment for jounalists and videographers

Here is a list of recommended equipment if your a journalist of videographer shooting in disaster areas. Dont go to the Mountains or some desolate spot, for a video shoot without this equipment. also check out my video. this list is provided by Master Hughes a well known security expert that has provided training to international companies. Safety for film crews and videographes is good insurance and prevent up to 90 percent of attacks. Security training for news crews is often required before traveling overseas.

How to produce technical videos it will help you start your own video production company.



Emergency eqipment for journalists and videographers Field Safety quick tips


Don’t put yourself at risk take personal safety security training like Alphacorps executive travel security program. An untrained person can become a burden to emergency crews and colleagues.

Teams should work in teams of at least two and preferably three people during disasters one team member should carry a small first-aid kit and emergency bag and communication equipment.

Monitor road and other travel conditions and keep each other informed of changing conditions. Evacuation routes should be preplanned and updated as needed. Have an extraction plan for removing individuals at risk.

Press vehicles should be equipped with emergency gear, including a first-aid kit, road flares, and blankets. Know  where to obtain emergency rentals of vehicles, and  communication equipment.


Sugguested emergency equipment for jounalists  and videographers video equipment when shooting video in disaster areas or the middle of nowhere.

Collapsible 1-liter Water Bottle

Compass and Thermometer

Small First Aid Kit and Over the

Counter Medications (Includes pain

relievers, antiseptics, anti-diarrheal,


Tow rope for vehicle

Tire repair kit.

In hip bag

Water filtration device.


Water proof matches flint and steel or lighter.

Sealed fire tender. small emergency rain coat.

Small stove foldable with tender.

Small knife.


Some dried food.

Mosquito dope  for stopping disease spread by mosquitos.