Ebook covers

ebook cover

Don't reinvent the wheel

Doing everything in your business is not possible nor is it practicle.

do it the simple way the efficient way first day.

You are making a book cover you really need a good camera. Really your final product is so important. You need a great picture on your final product is so important a UK aboard to have a bad picture, on your final product get a good camera.


Make a nice picture if it's too dark or too light usury editing software to lighten it are darken it as you need to

Then take that great picture with the information you need send it  to a  guy on fiverr dot com.

  For five dollars a guy will maker eBook cover or poster whatever you want to do.

  All sorts of stuff check out three or four guys and see how well they do.

  Pick out the one you like the most let him do all the work making a book cover while you take care of your business

That's right all you need is a good camera good shot.  

While he is making your eBook cover,  you can take care of your important business.

Don't try to do everything by yourself, you're not going to run a video business or any business by yourself,  efficiently so let's take a quick look at the picture you don’t want the picture too dark.


The guy up on Fiverr they're not worried lightening your pictures, so make sure you got a good camera the right lighting

Check out my video on travel safety for journalistic. Your book cover should quickly tell them what's in a video and have a subtitle like, safety tips for independent filmmakers it gives them an idea what's in the video.

It can help you build your brand