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master hughes

Master Hughes  is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgable.

A gifted speaker, he brings a new look or perspective  to the audience when he speaks.


A combination of years of entrepreneurial experience, coupled together with a ‘No BS’ attitude to getting things done. Master Hughes is a unique person he is empathetic towards business owners and entrepreneurs in general.

Master Hughes is the type of speaker that you audience wants to meet, he makes sure to keep things entertaining and interactive, by keeping all of his presentations up-to-date and regularly going down into the crowd (wireless mic required!) and interacting with attendees directly.


No nonsense training with a sense of Humor

  Almost all of Master Hughes’ sessions are based around the ‘How To’ mentally and surviving failure to get things done in business and life.



Potential speaking topics

Creating a business attitude small and large

Using video to promote your business.

Zen and the business attitude.

Starting your own business.

Surviving failure

ip chi pilson Failing seven times and getting up 8